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Denmark sends fire crew to combat wildfires in Sweden

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Danish authorities said here on Tuesday that it had sent a further 60 firefighters to Sweden to help extinguish the ongoing forest fires.

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The fire crew departed from Roskilde Airport on Tuesday morning in one of Danish military's Hercules carrier aircraft, according to Danish fire service Beredskabsstyrelsen.

The aircraft is scheduled to return Tuesday night with their colleagues who are currently in Sweden and set to be relieved, it added.

"Denmark's contribution in Sweden has been characterized by good cooperation in all regards," said Peter Kaas-Claesson, who is coordinating the Danish efforts in Sweden.

"The Hercules aircraft makes the deployment of new personnel and the return of the old a more smooth and efficient process. It is a great help," Kaas-Claesson added.

He also noted that though the rainfall during the weekend has contributed to the situation being further under control, there is still a lot of work ahead.

Firefighters from Denmark have provided assistance to the Swedes since July 19, and they are scheduled to remain in Sweden until Aug. 5, Beredskabsstyrelsen said.

It is estimated that up to 200 Danish firefighters have been involved in the fight against the wildfires.

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