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Dubai police unveil flying bike Hoversurf

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Dubai police have unveiled their latest innovation, the Hoversurf flying bike, a cross between a drone and a motorcycle, in order to improve traffic control.

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The latest technological innovation was exhibited on the first day of Technology Week in Dubai.

Dubai also unveiled a smart motorbike equipped with eight cameras that can spot reckless drivers.

Hoversurf or flying bike, however, was the main attraction in the exhibition.

"It works on electricity and it can fly five meters high and carry a police officer during emergency situations and heavy traffic," said the exhibitors.

Likewise, it can be controlled remotely and it can also fly without a passenger and go up to six kilometers for 25 minutes while carrying up to 300 kg of weight at a speed of 70 km/h, First Sergeant Ali Ahmad Mohammad, from the VIP Security Department in Dubai Police, told Gulf News.

The battery-operated bike reaches a top speed of 200 km/h and can run for eight hours on a single charge, said Huda Hassan, and Emirati policewoman.

"We will check it after Gitex for a week and see the results before taking it to the streets," Hassan said.

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