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Dutch Turks cannot leave Turkey due to travel ban

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Up to 100 people have been banned from leaving Turkey to return home because they have been critical of Turkish President Erdoğan’s government, reports Dutch broadcaster the NOS.

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The national broadcaster claimed on Thursday night that ‘certainly ten and perhaps up to 100 people’ of dual nationality have had their passage home blocked, in the run-up to a constitutional referendum that would give Erdoğan sweeping new powers.

Many, it reports, were visiting family or on holiday and some are now facing judicial procedures.

Daphne Kerremans, a spokeswoman for the Dutch foreign affairs ministry confirmed to that they were talking with the Turkish government in the case of “about ten” people. Dual nationalities “About 10 people are having problems with this,” she said.

“Since the coup in Turkey last year, the situation has been tense and this applies to Turks with Dutch and other dual nationalities.

“Some people have been unable to return for some time, and we have been talking to the Turkish government to find a solution.”

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