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Each and every U.S. president was more popular than Trump

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The historically low job approval ratings for Trump are well-documented, but the weakness of his 39% term average to date is stark.

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No other president has had a full-term average of less than 45% approval (Harry Truman) while in office.

No other president has averaged less than 49% approval during his first year in office.

President Donald Trump's job approval rating has stabilized, registering 34% or 35% in each Gallup Daily tracking three-day rolling average since August 20, including 35% in the latest update based on August 27-29 interviewing.

The 34% approval ratings recorded last week tie the Aug. 11-13 measurement as the lowest Trump has had as president.

After starting out in the mid-40s, Trump's job approval rating has been below the 40% mark in each month since February.

He is on pace to spend the entire month of August below 40%, with his job approval rating last at 40% on July 11.

The stable, lower job approval ratings in recent days produced a 35% weekly average for Trump during the week of Aug. 21-27. This is the lowest weekly average of his presidency.

Because of the recent pattern, Trump's full-term approval average since he took office in January has now fallen below 40% for the first time, to 39%.

Only three presidents - Bill Clinton (49%), Ronald Reagan (57%) and Barack Obama (57%) - have averaged less than 60% job approval in their first year.

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