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Earthquake magnitude 5.3 hits Croatia, 5.1 followed, several injured

Christian Fernsby |
An earthquake magnitude 5.3 hit Croatian capital Zagreb 05:24 local time.

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Location was 45.87 N; 16.03 E and Depth 10 km. It occured 7 km NE of Zagreb, Croatia.

There was some material damage, especially in the center of the town.

An aftershock magnitude 5.0 struck later 07:01 local time.

A few aftershocks occurred later.

Head of the Childrens' Hospital Klaiceva Goran Roic said that a 15 year old girl has been very seriously injured and is in a life threatening condition, and there were a few minor injuries.

This morning's strong earthquake with the epicenter near Zagreb was felt all over Slovenia, including in Krško, which is close to the border with Croatia, but in the city itself there is no material damage to buildings and the Krško nuclear power plant continues to operate safely, reports Hina.

"The nuclear power plant is operating safely and reliably," a spokeswoman for the plant's power plant, Ida Novak, said in a statement, but a preventive inspection of the system and equipment will be carried out, she added.

The Ministry of Infrastructure announced on Twitter that experts in the Krško nuclear power plant were carrying out analysis in accordance with the protocols envisaged.

"There is no reason at this time to stop the operation of the nuclear power plant, and the same is true of hydroelectric power plants," the ministry said.

With the onset of the coronavirus epidemic in Slovenia, specific protocols have been laid down to maintain the security of the entire energy system, in order to ensure a normal supply of electricity, both technically and in terms of personnel safety.

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