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Eight miners suffocated in unofficial gold mine in Peru

Christian Fernsby |
Eight men suffocated in an unauthorized gold mine in Peru after a tunnel they dug began spewing noxious fumes.

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RPP News spoke with the relative of the victim Francisco Rondo. He pointed out that the tragedy occurred when the miners entered the tunnel to remove their belongings. "We have had to remove them, they are already outside, but they are dead," he said.

Cesar Rondo, the only miner who survived the disaster, told local broadcaster RPP that the group became dizzy and suffered headaches in the tunnel. Rondo managed to drag himself out, but he lost his brother and colleagues inside.

It was not clear who, if anyone, owned the mine, which is located in the northern town of Huamachuco.

Peru is home to several “informal” mines, where miners toil at improvised mining sites that operate outside of the law and are linked to accidents, pollution and labor violations.

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