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Eight months of no news from Argentinean submarine ARA San Juan

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Eight months of suffering for relatives, of mystery in the waters of the Atlantic, as if the sea did not want to return them, while fathers, wives and mothers continue to struggle to know what happened to the Argentinean submarine ARA San Juan, in which 44 sailors were travelling.

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As every 15th since November 2017, a group of the crew's families paid tribute to them in a march which from the Congress to the Plaza de Mayo, where for the past two weeks a group of parents of the 44 have been camping in protest for a company to be hired to resume the search.

The mystery still reigns. The underwater iron mass, manufactured in Germany and serving the Navy since 1985 still does not appear despite the large mega-operative deployed with the latest technology that initially brought 15 countries together for the search.

On the possible hypotheses, only information from the Austrian embassy in Buenos Aires that registered a singular, short, violent and non-nuclear anomalous event consistent with an explosion, three hours after the submarine disappeared on that sad November 15, 2017, while the relatives hold on to one last hope.

"We are still empty-handed," told Prensa Latina recently, Luis Tagliapietra, the father of young officer Alejandro Damian, the plaintiff's lawyer in the case, that from the first day he heard about the tragedy he has not stopped fighting to find out where his son is and what happened to the iron mass.

Tagliapietra pointed out that they are in the same position because the specifications of a previous contract and also the reward offered to look for the submersible were annulled.

"We need a political resolution that by decree hires someone to start looking for them as soon as possible but unfortunately they are not there yet," lamented the father, who confirmed that they will continue to protest in the Plaza de Mayo until we have a signed resolution.

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