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Erdogan has secret plan to turn Turkey into nuclear power

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Turkish President Recep Erdogan wants an atomic bomb, the Greek newspaper Democracy says, citing the British edition of Express.

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According to Express, Erdogan wants to turn Turkey into nuclear power and has a secret nuclear weapons plan at a time when its relationship with the EU is critical state.

This was warned by Turkish journalist Abdullah Bozkurt before the British newspaper.

The article states that people in Erdogan's circle who have an impact on his decisions have said the president is already considering the possibility of creating an atomic bomb.

The statements of the Turkish journalist are also confirmed by Ikean Erdemir, an expert of the American Foundation for the Protection of Democracy and a former MP.

He said that Erdogan had a great desire to turn Turkey into a nuclear power but had no opportunity to do so. According to him, Erdogan's plans have been thwarted by the failed coup attempt:

"Turkey suffers from a shortage of financial resources and also from shortages of staff for such a costly and high-tech experiment," the expert said.

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