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Erdogan: Turkey to crush U.S. 'terror army' in Syria

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Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the United States was trying to create a "terror army" on Turkey’s southern frontier by training a Syrian border force including Kurdish militia.

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e pledged to crush the force before it came into being. Erdogan also said that Turkey’s armed forces had completed preparations for an operation against the Kurdish-controlled region of Afrin in northwest Syria and the town of Manbij, Reuters reported.

He stressed that Turkey’s military operation into northern Syria can start any moment.

"We have finished our preparations. The operation can start any time," President Erdogan said in Ankara in reference to the Afrin and Manbij regions of Syria currently controlled by the YPG.

Turkey's President warned his country's Western allies against engaging with Kurdish forces after the US announced on Sunday it will create a border security force with 30,000 troops, including Kurdish fighters, in northern Syria.

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