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EU court advised to reject Hungary, Slovakia refugee case

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The European Court of Justice should dismiss lawsuits filed by Hungary and Slovakia challenging a European Council decision that EU nations must take in hundreds of asylum-seekers, a court adviser said.

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Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Romania voted against the 2015 decision establishing a temporary plan to relocate 120,000 migrants.

Under the deal — agreed at the height of Europe's migrant crisis — Hungary would have to temporarily take in 1,294 asylum-seekers and Slovakia 902.

Poland, which the decision said should take in 6,182 asylum-seekers, supported the positions of Hungary and Slovakia.

Advocate General Yves Bot, whose role is to propose non-binding legal solutions for the court in cases under his purview, rejected arguments from Slovakia and Hungary regarding the legality of the relocation plan.

The advocate general's position is often an indication of what ruling the court will likely make.

The relocation plan has had limited success so far, although the European Commission said Wednesday that migrant relocations from Greece and Italy to other EU nations reached a record level in June — over 2,000 migrants were relocated from Greece, and nearly 1,000 from Italy.

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