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Expert warns about cyber attacks in Angola

Christian Fernsby |
More than 1,000 cyber attacks affected Angolan companies and individuals in the first semester of 2020, a computer expert warned.

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The banking system was hit by 6.9% of 1,117 attacks, the national director for cyber security at the Ministry of Telecommunications, Information Technologies and Social Communications, Wilson Mena, told the Jornal de Angola.

According to the expert, mobile phones were hit by 34.9% of attacks, due to users' non-compliance with security measures, a worrying phenomenon, because Angola is the second country most hit by hackers in the African continent, after Nigeria.

Among the major crimes were the cloning of credit cards, illegal transfers through the electronic banking system, the simulated sales of products on the Internet and espionage.

He also warned about the illegal access to programs, computer sabotage and forgeries, the destruction of digital systems, virtual threats, and computer fraud.

According to Wilson Mena, these are highly complex crimes that are hard to predict, identify and classify, thus favoring the number of infractions and resulting in incalculable losses to Angola's economy.

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