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Fecal bacteria found in UK in ice at Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Caffe Nero

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The BBC's consumer-affairs Watchdog program found that ice from three of the U.K.'s biggest coffee chains — Starbucks, Costa Coffee and Caffe Nero — had been contaminated with bacteria found in feces.

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Tony Lewis, head of policy at The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, told the BBC that the level of bacteria found at these chains was "concerning" and that the types of bacteria identified were a "source of human disease."

"These should not be present at any level — never mind the significant numbers found," he said.

At Starbucks and Caffe Nero, three out of the 10 samples of ice collected were found to contain the fecal bacteria. However, at Costa seven out of the 10 samples tested positive.

The BBC reported that both Caffe Nero and Starbucks will be conducting investigations.

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