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Fence stretching several dozen km to be erected on Latvia-Belarus border

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In order to better combat the crossing of illegal immigrants into the country and other offenders, a fence stretching several dozen kilometers will be erected on the Latvia-Belarus border, State Border Guard chief Normunds Garbars told LETA.

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He said that the fence will be constructed in areas where it would be the most effective in deterring illegal border crossers.

Garbars confirmed that the fence on the border with Belarus will stretch several dozen kilometers. Latvia shares a 176 kilometer border with Belarus.

In view of the growing number of attempts by illegal immigrants to cross the border into Latvia, its eastern borders with Russia and Belarus need to be reinforced and the capacity of the State Border Guard has to be increased as well, Latvian Interior Minister Rihards Kozlovskis (Unity) said recently, adding that the measures that have to be implemented by 2020 would cost around EUR 80 mln.

Latvia has already built the first 23-kilometer stretch of a fence on the border with Russia.

In the coming years, several sections of a 2.7-meter-high fence topped with barbed wire will be built on the border with Russia, and their total length will be 92 kilometers.

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