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Fiji announces 14 day quarantine for travelers from Australia, New Zealand

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Fiji said that travelers from neighboring Australia and New Zealand will be put into a 14 day quarantine due to the new outbreaks of coronavirus in their communities.

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The Fijian government had earlier said that travelers from Australia and New Zealand would be allowed to board flights to Fiji through two pathways.

They could spend a 14 day quarantine in their respective countries, clear a coronavirus test and arrive in Fiji, or clear a negative COVID-19 test, spend a 14 day quarantine at a Fijian government quarantine facility and embark on one of the designated resorts to begin their Bula Bubble vacation.

The Bula Bubble proposal was unveiled to kickstart Fiji's tourist industry with neighboring Australia and New Zealand, which allows the two countries' visitors to enjoy its isolated resorts after international borders were locked during the pandemic.

Permanent Secretary for Fiji's Health Ministry James Fong stressed on Wednesday that no one who arrives in Fiji is exempt from 14-day of quarantine or can enter society unless they clear a negative test.

Quarantine outside of Fiji is not recognized, he said, adding that the Australian and New Zealand governments cannot certify home quarantine for potential travelers to Fiji due to the new COVID-19 outbreaks in their communities.

"So we have closed that pathway for the time being. Otherwise, the Bula Bubble will continue to function as designed, as the second pathway remains open. All incoming travelers must conduct a pre-departure test, spend their 14 days in a Fijian government-quarantine facility, and then clear a border quarantine test to begin their vacation."

Fong said to maintain Fiji's COVID-contained status, vigilance is the only vaccine available and they must all remain alert at all times.

Since March 19, the country has reported a total of 28 COVID-19 cases and two of them have died. The island nation still has three active COVID-19 cases.

Currently, Fiji still maintains a nationwide curfew effective from March 30.

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