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Fiji's west urged to prepare for the worst as cyclone nears

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People in Fiji's sodden west were being urged to prepare for the worst on Saturday as the country prepared to be hit by the second cyclone in a week, Radio NZ reports.

A tropical depression - TD13F - continued to gather strength as it slowly moved east towards Fiji. It would likely be declared category one Cyclone Kala on Saturday night, forecasters said.

"It could be a very severe cyclone," said Ravind Kumar, the director of the Fiji Meteorological Service. "There is a very high potential for it to even develop rapidly into different categories."

"We expect that by the time it is close it will have attained a category two status, or even three."

On its current forecast, the system would develop into a cyclone on Saturday evening as it moved towards Fiji's western division, brushing close to the southwest of the country on Sunday night as a category three.

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