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First Slovak satellite great success, says president

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Slovakia's first satellite skCube is a remarkable success for the young people who took part in launching and operating it, Slovak President Andrej Kiska announced at a briefing.

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The skCube has successfully operated more than ten days and has fulfilled its tasks.

"It's a great success for the young people who have contributed towards the fact that we have our first satellite. I'm happy, as I heard that we'll have a first Slovak selfie taken by the Slovak satellite - it'll take a picture of Slovakia from above," stressed Kiska.

The skCube satellite was launched into space on June 23. It's now orbiting the Earth at 7.8 kilometres per second at an altitude of more than 500 kilometres.

Its mission is to perform various experiments in radio communications, to send back pictures of the Earth, to measure various phenomena in high orbit and the magnetosphere and to test the effects of radiation on its onboard components.

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