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Flash floods hit Ireland north-west, bridges destroyed

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More than 100 people had to be rescued from vehicles caught in flash floods in Ireland.

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Fire-fighters saved 93, with the Coast Guard helping dozens of others. Helicopters from Scotland, Wales and Sligo took part in the operations.

Floods were triggered originally in Donegal before moving to Derry and other counties as downpours swept in from the Atlantic Ocean.

According to at least two bridges were destroyed while other bridges were damaged and had to be temporarily closed.

All flights in and out of Derry City Airport were cancelled after the airport building was severely flooded, with the waiting areas and security gates completely under water.

A month's worth of rain - more than 70mm in some areas - fell in torrents over the course of a few hours late on Tuesday. The deluge left a trail of destruction across towns and villages in Donegal and neighbouring counties.

Agriculture in this area mainly consists of cattle and sheep farming, so it is not thought that the fresh produce growers will be affected. The fresh produce wholesale markets were also functioning as normal.

According to one grower from the east of the country, it has not been an especially wet summer in Northern Ireland, "August has been wet, but not dramatically so. We are used to wet weather here."

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