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France bans drivers from using mobile phone even when car is stopped

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A French court has ruled that it is now illegal for drivers to use mobile phones in their cars even when they have stopped, pulled over or have the hazard lights on.

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In fact, drivers can be punished for using a mobile any time the vehicle isn't parked in a designated parking area, including a car park or private driveway.

As a result, they face a fine of up to €135 and get three points on their driving license for three years which is the same punishment already handed out to people caught using their phones at the wheel in France.

The new rule only applies to the use of a smartphone the driver is holding in their hand and not to cars fitted with hands-free sets.

The decision came after a driver appealed a fine he received in 2017 which punished him for using a phone while he was parked at a roundabout with his hazard lights on.

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