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France to extend border checks due to persistent terror threat

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France will continue to conduct checks at the borders with the other Schengen zone states until late April 2018, the Interior Ministry said, citing the ongoing threat of terrorist attacks on French soil.

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“Risk analysis... confirms the existence of a persistent level of threat,” the French Interior Ministry said, commenting on its decision.

It also added that fears are that Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) could be plotting further attacks on the territory of France.

Justifying the border control extension, the French authorities said France had been targeted in 22 planned terrorist attacks so far in 2017 alone.

It added that five of these attacks were carried out by the extremists while five others were thwarted when in progress and 12 more were prevented from happening at all, AFP reports.

The authorities pointed out that one of the major threats to France comes from “internal mobility” within the Schengen zone, adding that crossing the internal borders of the EU still remains part of a strategy used by terrorist organizations, the French Le Point weekly reports.

The national border checks have proved their “usefulness” over the recent months, according to the country’s government.

The ministry informed the EU about its decision in a note sent to Brussels on October 3, adding though that controls will “respect the principle of proportionality.”

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