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Gaza shuts main power station due to feuds between Hamas and Abbas

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The main power station in the Gaza Strip stopped operating on Sunday due to deep feuds between the rulers of Islamic Hamas movement and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

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The energy authority in Gaza said that the turbines of the main and sole power station in southern Gaza had totally stopped after the amounts of fuel, donated by Qatar, ran out.

The statement said that instead of having eight hours electricity connection, eight hours cutoff and eight hours connection perday, it will be six hours connection, 12 hours cutoff and six hours connection perday.

The crisis of electricity in the Gaza Strip has been going on since the start of the Palestinian internal split, which started in June 2007, when Hamas forcibly seized control of the enclave and routed Abbas security forces.

Closing down the sole power station in central Gaza Strip, south of Gaza city, came following earlier warnings made by Abbas that his Palestinian National Authority (PNA) would take unprecedented measures against Hamas rule in Gaza.

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