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Georgia to remain partially closed for regular flights until 2021

Christian Fernsby |
The Georgian Aviation Authority has made another correction in the existing active NOTAM (Notice to Airmen), according to which it will remain partially closed for regular flights of Georgia until January 1, 202, Trend reports via Georgian media.

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NOTAM is a message spread through international aviation channels about the operation, service, rules, danger, as well as the condition, changes, and maintenance of navigation facilities, the timely knowledge of which is important for flight personnel.

More specifically, the restriction on the implementation of regular international air traffic has been extended and is valid until December 31, 2020.

The restriction does not apply to direct international flights that end between Tbilisi International Airport (ICAO code UGTB) and the following airports: Munich (ICAO code EDDM); Paris (ICAO code LFPG); Riga (ICAO code EVRA); Doha (ICAO code OTHH); Warsaw (ICAO code EPWA); Athens (ICAO code LGAV); Amsterdam (ICAO code EHAM); Vienna (ICAO code LOWW); Berlin (ICAO code EDDB); Milan (ICAO code LIME).

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