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German Air Force: No sabotage behind Merkel's plane woes

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The German Air Force has denied that a sabotage has caused an electrical and communication system failure on the plane where Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel was traveling to the G20 summit in Argentina.

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In statements to the press, the agency specified that the Airbus 340-300 had presented a serious technical problem on Thursday, forcing the pilot to return from the Netherlands and make an emergency landing in the western German city of Bonn.

According to Commander Guido Heinrich, the crew's life was never in danger.

However, the landing was carried out in difficult conditions as a considerable amount of kerosene accumulated on the aircraft, the appropriate landing strip for such aircraft was being repaired and brakes had to be applied.

Due to the incident, Merkel was forced to remain in Bonn and finally left for Madrid, Spain, from where she continued to Buenos Aires in an Iberia aircraft.

The 12-hour delay caused her to be absent at the G20 summit opening.

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