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Giant floating dock capsizes in Denmark

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An 82-metre long floating dock in Hirtshals has begun to overturn due to as-yet unknown causes.

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The large floating dock began to tilt early on Friday, DR reports.

The floating dock, which was constructed in 1952, is 82 metres long and is used for repair and maintenance of ships, The Local reports.

A ship was inside the floating dock when it began to overturn, according to the report.

“We have a situation in which we are now trying to find out what can be salvaged. Nobody was at work when it happened, so that’s the positive side of this,” dockyard director Rasmus Brohus told DR Friday morning.

“We do not yet have a cause. We have people from the insurance company and experts in relation to stability who will come and help us right the dock and get the situation under control,” he added.

The floating dock, which is also known as the North Sea Cathedral,” has been located at Hirtshals in northern Jutland since 1987. It sank at one end during a storm in 2015, but no lasting damage was sustained.

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