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Green buildings concentrated along both U.S. coasts

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The United States saw more than 3,400 properties win LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council over the past year.

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This is a surge in energy-efficient construction affecting some 1,324 cities throughout the country.

The flurry of activity pushed LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) designations to a record 28,582 properties as of March 14, with approximately 12 percent of those certifications — 3,442 properties in all — occurring since January 2016.

The LEED-certification program has been among the key barometers used to measure energy-efficient building practices globally since 2004.

Most of the certifications between January 2016 and mid-March were concentrated along both U.S. coasts.

Washington, D.C., and New York topped all U.S. cities with 117 certifications and 108 certifications, respectively, while San Francisco (72) and Los Angeles (59) also ranked among the top five.

Chicago, the only non coastal-region city near the top of the stack, ranked third nationally with 75 certifications over that same span.

More than 472 million square feet of space was LEED certified between January 2016 and mid-March of this year.

A total of 10 cities each saw at least 10 million square feet of newly constructed or renovated space certified.

The average size for a LEED-certified property in the period analyzed was roughly 137,400 square feet.

Approximately two-thirds of all LEED properties have attained Gold or Silver certification since 2004, per the USGBC's measurers.

Only 5 percent have been awarded Platinum recognition, the highest certification level available. Among all certifications to date, around 78 percent have included an office-space component.

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