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Greenpeace protesters jailed for fireworks stunt at French nuclear plant

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A French court on Tuesday sentenced two Greenpeace activists to a minimum of two months in jail for breaking into a nuclear power plant and setting off fireworks last year.

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Six other protesters were handed five-month suspended sentences for the October stunt at the plant in Cattenom, near the border with Luxembourg, which was intended to show the facility's vulnerability to attack.

Greenpeace France, represented by local head Jean-Francois Julliard, was also fined 20,000 euros ($24,500) by the court in the northeastern town of Thionville.

"Greenpeace crossed a red line," said prosecutor Christelle Dumont, adding that any debate about nuclear safety "must be in accordance with the law".

Greenpeace lawyer Alexandre Faro said the protesters were fighting for ideals and "they do not deserve hard time in prison."

The prosecution had requested six-month suspended sentences for six of the activists, including Greenpeace France's chief anti-nuclear campaigner Yannick Rousselet.

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