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Hackers are targeting nuclear facilities, U.S. warns

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For the past two months, hackers have been targeting computer and security systems at nuclear facilities and manufacturing plants in the U.S. and elsewhere, according to a report by officials at the FBI and Department of Homeland Security.

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The report was reviewed by the New York Times, who first broke the story. The report doesn't make the severity of the attacks or the motives of the attackers clear.

One of the targets was Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation, which manages a nuclear power plant near Burlington, Kan.

Although hackers have successfully penetrated computers belonging to employees at companies controlling nuclear facilities, it appears they have not been successful in making the jump from a single computer to a facility's operating or security systems.

"There is no indication of a threat to public safety, as any potential impact appears to be limited to administrative and business networks," an FBI spokesperson told the Times.

Nuclear facilities and the companies operating them are required by law to report any lapses in security or damage done by cyberattacks. None have done so, according to John Keeley, a spokesman for the Nuclear Energy Institute.

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