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Heathrow Airport trying to prevent Tuesday strike

Christian Fernsby |
Heathrow Airport may have just avoided major strikes on Monday but Heathrow is still in talks today to try and prevent another walkout on Tuesday.

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Initially a strike planned for Monday and Tuesday following a row over pay from thousands of workers. While strikes are suspended today at Britain’s busiest airport, there is still a possibility that a walkout could happen tomorrow.

On Friday, around 4,000 from the workers union Unite voted on the airport's revised pay deal with 88% opting to strike.

Heathrow says the revised pay deal is worth 7.3% over two-and-a-half years.

Unite said that the pay dispute originates from workers’ “deepening anger over pay disparities” between them and the “massive pay package of Heathrow Airport’s chief executive officer John Holland-Kaye.”

“Rather than provoking the disruption that strike action will cause, we would urge Heathrow Airport to use this money for an improved pay offer that better reflects the hard work of the workers who keep the airport running safely and smoothly,” said Unite regional coordinating officer Wayne King in a statement on Friday.

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