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Heavy snow shuts down Tehran roads, airports

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The fall of rare heavy snow in the capital Tehran since Saturday night has caused traffic chaos, closing roads and cancelation of flights.

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Major highways leading to Tehran were blocked due to icy weather condition on Saturday night and the motorists had to spend the night in their cars unable to move farther.

The snow also caused disruption of power supply in some areas on Tehran-Karaj highway.

The traffic police announcement called on the people to avoid using Tehran-Karaj and Tehran-Qom highways for commuting on Sunday.

Besides, the education institutes, including the schools and high schools, were closed in Tehran on Sunday.

The uninterrupted snowfall in the north and northwestern Iran since early hours of Saturday and the accumulation of snow also resulted in the traffic disruption in the highways and roads of the region.

The local officials have warned of hazardous driving conditions as the weather is deteriorated.

The spell of persistent and heavy snow is expected to develop during the next hours.

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