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Heroin to kill more Victorians than car crashes

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More Victorians will be killed by heroin than by car crashes within two years.

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The number of Victorians who died from heroin overdoses has risen 71 percent since 2012 to 190 in 2016, the Coroners Court data revealed.

Simultaneously, the state's road toll has been on the decline with the number of people killed on the roads expected to be 250 in 2017, down from 291 in 2016.

If the trend continues, it will be the first time that heroin kills more Victorians than car crashes.

Geoff Munro, national policy manager of the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, said the prominence of heroin had reached levels on par with the mid-1990s due to the plummeting cost of the drug.

Residents of areas where heroin use is highest have appealed to the Victorian government to build a safe injecting room so as to reduce the risk of infection and overdoses, a move the government has ruled out.

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