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Homeowners in the Netherlands will be able to heat their showers with servers

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Hot exhaust generated by servers can cause serious problems, especially in a data center.

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Aside from the fact that a server typically runs 24/7 and generates more heat than your average consumer appliance, confining thousands of them in an enclosed space requires complex and expensive heat mitigation and cooling techniques, Techsport reports.

Everything from sophisticated ventilation to refrigeration has been used with varying degrees of effectiveness. Nevertheless, no matter what solution is used, a lot of energy is lost as wasted heat.

A Dutch startup called Nerdalize has come up with a novel approach to the problem of server heat mitigation.

For a small fee, the company will install a server in your home to heat your water. You save about €300 per year on your heating bill, and they get an efficiently heat-mitigated server rack which they will use to sell cloud-based services.

The company claims that the savings will pay for the installation fee in 18 months.

The pilot program will start this August in 42 households in the Netherlands.

Nerdalize estimates that the energy savings per installation will reduce each household’s carbon emissions by 300 tons per year. Over 126 tons of CO2 will be eliminated by the pilot program alone in its first year.

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