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Hungary: If we are united, we are strong. With immigrants not so much

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The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade believes that while this year only began a few days ago, one may state already at this point in time that “we are about to face an extraordinary period.”

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During these extraordinary times “we need the strength and courage that characterise us Hungarians, and most of all unity”, Péter Szijjártó added in an interview given to the Hungarian news agency MTI.

The Minister stressed that in the referendum more than three million people, while during the National Consultation over two million people said no to illegal immigration and the mandatory resettlement quotas.

“This unity, this mass of millions is the pledge of our security. If we are united, we are strong. If we are not, we shall be trampled underfoot”, he stressed.

“We have so far successfully defended Hungary against illegal immigration, there is a fence on our border, our laws punish illegal immigration more severely, and our police officers and soldiers protect us. However, we cannot sit back and relax.

“In actual fact, this is the time for us to be even more alert and brave as attacks against Hungary are ongoing, and are even intensifying”, he said, adding that they know full well what “the Brussels bureaucrats and the people of the Soros network” want: they want to bring immigrants into Europe and they want to distribute them.

Hungary and the Hungarian Government are in their way. This is why they are instituting infringement procedures against us, “this is why they take us to the European Court, and this is why they wish to punish us”, Mr Szijjártó stated.

“However, thanks to the Hungarian people’s support we are taking part in this struggle with steely determination, and continue to insist on representing the people’s best interests. Therefore the Hungarian people’s opinion and security are the most important for us.”

He added that “we do have a heart”. They do not want to abandon the people who are in a difficult situation, but they are convinced that trouble should not be brought here, but in actual fact help must be taken to crisis regions.

We want to preserve Hungary as a safe place, the Minister stated. He stressed that in Europe, which is increasingly losing its identity, “we know who we are and we know which way we are heading”.

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