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Hungary will not open its doors to illegal immigrants

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"The European Court of Justice is under huge pressure in the quota case.

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"Those with the intention of influencing the Court would like the body to dismiss the arguments put forward by Hungary and Slovakia”, Deputy Justice Minister Pál Völner said in an interview for Hungarian daily Magyar Idők, in which he declared: "Hungary will not open its doors to illegal immigrants”.

The article recalls that the court case launched at the European Court of Justice by Hungary and Slovakia with relation to the mandatory resettlement quota is slowly drawing to a close.

"If the Court decides purely on the basis of legal arguments, then the outlook for our petition is promising.

"However, the EU judges are under huge pressure, and attempts to influence them have been clearly felt in recent months.

"Needless to say, these attempts at influencing the court’s decision do not support Hungary’s arguments and the standpoint of the Visegrád Group (V4). No matter the result of the procedure, we cannot open our doors to illegal immigrants”, Mr. Völner said.

"Hungary would have somewhat greater room for movement if the National Assembly had adopted the legislative amendment that would have prevented anyone from being mandatorily resettled in Hungary.

"At the time, the Bill failed because of Jobbik”, he said, noting that "If the European Court of Justice does not rule in favour of our petition, we will have to review with the issue once again”.

With relation to criticism of Hungary in recent weeks with relation to the NGO Act, the CEU affair and migration, Mr. Völner spoke about the fact that these are seemingly the opinions of individuals, but this is not the case.

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