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Illegally imported medicines bought from to Denmark

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A number of people have contacted the Danish Medicines Agency because medicines they bought online from Biovea have been seized.

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The seized medicines were dispatched from the USA, and import of medicine from the USA is illegal for Danish citizens.

Medicines can only be bought legally online if they are dispatched from another EU country or one of the EEA countries (Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway), and if these requirements are met:

- The medicine must be for your personal use (you are not allowed to buy medicine and resell it)

- The medicine must not be for veterinary use

- The medicine must not contain doping or euphoriant substances

It appears from Biovea’s website that they send medicines from an EU country, but in many cases this is not correct.

The Danish Medicines Agency is aware of this problem, but since Biovea has no presence in Denmark, it cannot put an end to their activities.

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