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India successfully launches 31 satellites

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India successfully launched its first Cartosat-2 series satellite, along with 30 other co-passenger satellites from 14 countries, including “Suchai 1” developed in Chile.

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The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle took off Friday at 9:29 am local time (0359 GMT) from a launch pad at the Sriharikota base in the southeastern state of Andhra Pradesh, according to the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

The Indian space agency broadcast live the rocket-launch event from the countdown to the moment it entered into the orbit almost half an hour later.

The missions of SUCHAI 1 nano-satellite, developed by University of Chile’s Space Program, include an observation of the batteries’ behavior in extreme conditions and a study of the environment in low Earth orbit.

“If SUCHAI 1 is successful in its mission, the University of Chile’s Space Program will see a major leap in the development of space and satellite research and instrumental technology, advancing the national space program,” said the academic institution.

The heaviest satellite in the launch, weighing 955 kilogram (2105.4 pounds), lifted off, as well as the 712-kilogram Indian Cartosat-2 series satellite that will observe the Earth from a polar sun synchronous orbit, according to ISRO.

This is the sixth Cartosat-2 that the Indian space agency has launched into space.

The other satellites launched into orbit Friday are from countries such as the United States, Belgium, Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Japan and Italy.

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