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Indonesia winds down search for bodies, CVR after fatal Lion Air flight

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Indonesian national search and rescue office on Saturday ended search for body parts of victims from an air crash and the aircraft's cockpit voice recorder (CVR), said head of the office Muhammad Syaugi.

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Rescuers from search and rescue offices in the country's capital of Jakarta and West Java province will continue the search operation in the crash of a brand new Boeing 737 Max 8 on Oct. 29 in waters of Tanjung Pakis of Karawang district in West Java province.

"The national search and rescue office decides to end this search and rescue operation under the office coordinating today (Saturday)," Syaugi said.

The head of the office convinced that both rescue offices are on alert around the clock for the mission.

Head of the National Transport Safety Committee (NTSC) Soerjanto Tjahjono disclosed that the committee would focus on retrieving the cockpit voice recorder as it is imperative in efforts to find out the last conversation in the cockpit.

The search would use a more sophisticated device that will be installed in the remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to identify the recorder at the sea floor which contains a thick layer of mud and sand, said Tjahjanto.

"We will dispatch several ships with bigger size and more sophisticated ROV. And the most important here is that there will be a new equipment that will be installed on the ROV, it is sub bottom profiling which can detect things covered by mud by up to 4 meters," he said.

Previously, divers have said that thick mud and sand have hampered them from hunting the cockpit voice recorder, albeit the signals from its ping locator have several times been detected from the sea bed.

By far, the NTSC has gleaned the data from the flight data recorder and unveiled a glitch on the angle of attack device which linked with the malfunction of the speed indicator in the fatal flight that left all the 189 people on board dead.

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