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Iran, EU experts to advance nuclear cooperation

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The second meeting of an Iran-EU working group on nuclear research and development ended in Tehran, in which the two sides reviewed joint research projects.

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Ali Akbar Rezaei, director general of International Affairs Department of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, who headed the Iranian delegation at the talks, said the four-day discussions were a follow-up to the first meeting held last December in EU's capital Brussels, ISNA reported.

The official said the two groups of experts have reviewed over 30 research proposals and the EU delegation has visited and evaluated six Iranian research centers.

"We are trying to benefit from the latest achievements of the global nuclear industry and move the nuclear program to the cutting edge of science," he said.

Rezaei said nuclear cooperation between Iran and the EU conveys a "positive message" to the world, adding that "scientific exchanges in the field of research and development... indicate the will of Iran and Europe for widespread and long-term collaboration."

The meeting was held at a time when the July 2015 nuclear deal, which enabled Iran to cooperate with the international community on peaceful applications of the nuclear energy, is facing a big threat from U.S. President Donald Trump.

The controversial U.S. leader has described the pact "the worst deal ever negotiated" and ordered an ongoing comprehensive review of it to find out whether it is in US interests to abandon its obligations under the deal.

This is while other parties to the deal, including European powers, Russia and China have openly rejected Trump's efforts at dismantling the deal.

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