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Iran's police seizes over 2 tons of illicit drugs

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Iran's police seized more than two tons of illicit drugs in two separate operations in the southeastern province of Sistan and Baluchestan on Saturday, Tasnim news agency reported Sunday.

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Acting on intelligence, the provincial anti-narcotics police forces managed to identify major drug rings which intended to carry big hauls of illicit drugs from border areas to the cities of Saravan and Nik Shahr, according to Ahmad Taheri, provincial police commander.

In one operation, the police arrested three smugglers and captured two vehicles, Taheri said.

The police also seized 900 kg of opium, 327 kg of hashish, two Kalashnikov rifles and plenty of ammunition in the vehicles, he added.

In the other operation, the police captured 1,032 kg of opium, 53.7 kg of heroin and 3 kg of other narcotics after a clash with a drug gang, the police commander said.

Iran has long suffered from drug trafficking given its location at the crossroads of international drug smuggling from Afghanistan, the world's top opium producer, to Europe.

Over the past decades, Iran's eastern and southeastern borders have seen clashes between Iranian security forces and armed drug smugglers.

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