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Italian waste found in Bulgarian port not hazardous or toxic

Christian Fernsby |
Italian waste which was found to sit unlawfully in the Bulgarian Black Sea port of Bourgas, is not hazardous or toxic, the prosecution service said at a special news briefing Monday.

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The prosecution opened a probe after 20 containers with waste from Italy was found at Bourgas Port and it turned out it had been sitting there since the beginning of September 2019.

News of waste found at various sites across the country has been coming virtually every day.

Because of the lack of information in some cases and the odd circumstances about the way waste is stored, paired with endemic air pollution, have rise of wide-spread suspicions that waste, possibly hazardous, is being incinerated in Bulgaria in violation of the rules.

This has prompted checks by the compent authorities, including the prosecution service.

The leader of the Bourgas District Prosecution Office, Georgi Chinev, said that the sender of the waste in the Bourgas case, the Italian company Dentice Pantaleone, and the receiver, Blatsion OOD, are the same who sent and received waste at Varna Port.

Chinev said, however, that what was found in the countainers did not match the documents of the waste shipment.

The containers contained textiles, paper and metal while the documents were for plastics and rubber.

The waste was meant to be taken to a plant in Pleven, said Chinev.

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