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Libya: Flights diverted after rocket attack on Tripoli airport

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Rockets were fired at Libya’s only functioning airport in Tripoli late on Tuesday, forcing flights to be diverted less than a week after the UN brokered a fragile truce between rival militias in the capital.

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The airport had only reopened on Friday, following a week-long closure due to deadly fighting between militias in and around Tripoli.

A new group known as the Tripoli Youth Movement claimed responsibility for the attack. In a Facebook video posted on Sunday, the group called on maintenance workers to evacuate the airport.

They also demanded that armed militias operating under the internationally-recognised Government National Accord (GNA) give back control of the airport to civilian authorities.

Reporting from Tripoli, Al Jazeera's Mahmoud Abdelwahed said authorities have asked that planes stationed at Mitiga airport be flown out to other facilities.

"Authorities are worried that the planes might get damaged by some of the stray rockets which may land in the area," Abdelwahed said.

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