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Lithuanian municipalities hit in large cyber attack, Defence Minister says

Christian Fernsby |
A cyberattack has been directed against Lithuania last week with a focus on local government web sites, Lithuanian Defence Minister Arvydas Anušauskas stated, Lithuanian public broadcaster LRT reports.

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After analysing the December 9 incident, the Lithuanian National Defence Ministry’s National Cyber Security Centre noted that the breach targeted the content management systems to gain access to 22 websites administered by Lithuania’s public sector, mostly by regional municipalities.

The attackers then posted three types of fake news articles one alleging that a Polish diplomat had been detained on the Lithuanian border, another alleging corruption in the Šiauliai airport that houses NATO’s Baltic air policing mission, and another alleging that more people than previously reported have been drafted into the military.

At the same time, falsified emails that resembled those used by the defence and foreign ministries, as well as the Šiauliai Municipality Administration, were used to share the disinformation by linking back to texts published on the hacked websites.

«This shows huge gaps in cyber security of the public sector,» evaluated the minister.

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