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Macedonia declares 30-day state of emergency in fire-hit municipalities

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The wildfires in western Macedonia has forced the authorities here to declare a 30-day state of emergency on Sunday in two most affected municipalities.

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In a press statement, Macedonian Interior Minister Oliver Spasovksi told the public the decision taken by government while assuring that there was no room for panic.

"Macedonia's government decided to declare state of emergency in municipalities Makedonski Brod and Caska (western Macedonia) in order to better coordinate work between institutions to fully put out wildfires," the minister told reporters.

According to him, the situation in these two municipalities was not out of control but such measure was taken with the aim to prevent spreading of raging fires as high temperatures are expected to continue.

"With no state of emergency in place, the municipalities would have to battle the fires on their own while now that we declared a state of emergency, all state institutions and agencies will be engaged to address this situation," the minister explained.

Firefighting teams and Macedonian army personnel continue to battle fires in different areas of the country while Macedonia is also being assisted by Turkey and Bulgaria to cope with the situation, according to official sources.

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