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Major storm to hit northeastern U.S., flooding and snow expected

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Travel and outdoor plans will take a hit in the northeastern United States as a major storm with heavy rain, strong winds and snow takes aim during the second half of this week.

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"The storm has the potential to be the strongest in a series to hit the Northeast since late March and through the first week of April," according to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Brett Anderson.

Motorists and airline passengers should anticipate delays. Major League Baseball (MLB) games could be delayed or postponed as a result of the storm.

The storm could have damaging consequences in terms of severe thunderstorms, powerful wind gusts and flooding from heavy rain and above-normal tides.

The storm will first quickly spread drenching rain and severe weather across the Southeast states from late Tuesday through Wednesday night.

However, as the storm approaches the Northeast states, it will reorganize near the coast and stall.

The slow forward motion of the storm and a surge of warm air along the Atlantic coast will result in a prolonged rain event for some areas that can escalate runoff and lead to flooding.

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