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Malaysia detains 9 suspects over toxic river waste

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Malaysian police detained at least nine suspects following an investigation into alleged dumping of toxic waste into a river which resulted in mass illness in the country, local media reported on Monday.

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According to the English-language daily Star, Malaysian Inspector of General Police Mohamad Fuzi Harun said that two men were detained in Johor Baru region in the country’s south while seven of them were caught outside Johor Baru on Sunday.

“We cannot reveal their age and where they were detained as this could jeopardize our investigation on the case,” the Malaysian police officer added.

At least 3,555 people were affected by the toxic fume at Sungai Kim Kim river in southern Johor region.

The contamination of Sungai Kim Kim river was first reported on March 7 following which toxic fumes started emanating from the river resulting in sickness in the region.

Authorities closed nearly 200 schools. However, no death was reported.

“The case is being investigated under Section 278, 284 and 326 of the Penal Code,” Fuzi told media on Monday.

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