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Massive wildfires engulf San Francisco counties

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Several massive wildfires swept Napa and Sonoma counties in the North Bay areas of San Francisco in western coast of the United States early Monday, forcing thousands of people to flee their homes, local media reported.

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The wildfires, which started Sunday in Calistoga, a city in Napa County, and burned west through canyons and over hills, burned out of control early Monday. The cause is under investigation.

A vedio clip showed firefighters have been combating the blaze on the scene, which has destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses and shut down major roadways and hospitals.

There was no immediate estimate of the damage or the extent of injuries, but vast swaths of land were burning in both counties.

Sonoma County is the largest producer of California's Wine Country region, which also includes Napa, Mendocino, and Lake counties.

It possesses 13 approved American Viticultural Areas and over 250 wineries.

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