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Mexico confirms 37,485 persons disappeared, maybe even more

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Mexico officials confirmed Tuesday that there are 37,485 people disappeared in the country, 340 people out of that have been declared dead.

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Interior Minister Alfonso Navarrete while unveiling the new "National People Searching System", announced the numbers of missing persons in the country as the most updated one.

But he also mentioned that the data might be higher than official numbers. The total number of disappeared was obtained from the creation of a registry at the national level.

"The registry yielded paradoxical data, 37,485, and surely the number of missing persons is much greater; but we had to rely on official data," he said.

A cross-system was made between two databases: the fingerprints of the forensic laboratories of the 32 states and the database of the National Electoral Institute (INE). So far this system helped identify the 340 dead persons. The minister informed that 4,000 more have been profiled during the cross-system between two recognition systems.

Relatives of missing persons and human rights organizations claim that the number of disappearances is around 40,000.

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