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Mexico to add panic button to MiConsulmex app for citizens in U.S.

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As the United States remains its crackdown on undocumented migrants, Mexico continues to roll out more consular services for its citizens in the U.S.

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The Foreign Ministry announced that it will add a virtual panic button to its mobile app for travelers or migrants in the United States.

Starting over the Easter holidays, the app, called "MiConsulmex," which is basically shorthand for "my Mexican consular agent," will feature an "emergency button" as a way to instantly contact the nearest consulate.

"The goal is to have Mexicans in need of urgent consular assistance contact their consulate via a phone call or text message," the ministry said in a statement.

The upgrade is part of a government effort to improve services at its network of 50 consulates in the United States.

The app was first introduced in 2013 to make it easier for Mexicans to locate the closest embassy or consulate, the ministry said.

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