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Microsoft's software changes historical phrases and words to be 'inclusive"

Christian Fernsby |
Microsoft is trying to make the world more woke by rolling out an inclusiveness checker in its Word.

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Along with the usual spellcheck, its word processing programme now highlights phrases that may offend someone based on gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity or even “socioeconomic status”, the Sun reported.

It suggests “more inclusive” alternatives — with some hilarious and baffling results.

Users who write “Mrs Thatcher” are told it “may imply gender bias” and are prompted to change it to the supposedly less offensive “Ms Thatcher”.

And the phrase astronaut Neil Armstrong uttered when he became the first person on the moon is not deemed acceptable.

Rather than “one giant leap for mankind”, he should have said “humankind” or “humanity”.

In the lyrics to Barry Manilow’s party favourite Copacabana, Microsoft suggests Lola be referred to as a “dancer”, “performer” or “performing artist” rather than a “showgirl”.

Postman Pat is not gender-neutral, so the system suggests calling him a “mail carrier” or “postal worker”.

It also proposes changing “maid” — used for centuries to describe female housekeepers — to “house cleaner”.

Others to change include “headmaster” (Word suggests “principal”), “mistress” (“lover”), “master” (“expert”), “manpower” (“workforce”) and “heroine” (“hero”).

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