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More than 175 firefighters managed to control fire in Bradbury facility in Melbourne

Christian Fernsby |
The union that represents a worker seriously burnt in Campbellfield factory fire says staff at Bradbury Industrial Services were concerned the company was not clearing its backlog of hazardous materials quickly enough.

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More than 175 firefighters have managed to control the fire, which spewed thick black smoke over Melbourne, but it is unlikely to be extinguished until tomorrow afternoon.

Firefighters worked through the night, using an excavator and heat detection devices to identify, access and extinguish hotspots in the facility, where hazardous waste was being stored.

Metropolitan Fire Brigade assistant chief fire officer Mick Swift said firefighters were moving through the facility cautiously as the structure of the building had been "severely compromised" by the blaze.

About 30 firefighters and 11 trucks remained at the scene this morning, and firefighters were expected to remain at the site for several days.

Victorian coroner Darren Bracken attended the scene yesterday afternoon and has launched an investigation into the blaze following a request from the fire brigade.

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