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More than 50% of Americans not concerned about Earth's future

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According to a survey by The Harris Poll, over four in ten Americans say they are concerned about the planet they are leaving behind for future generations (45%).

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It also shows that they personally care a great deal about the current state, and future, of the environment (42%).

This is especially true of urbanites (54%) and adults with children under 18 residing in their household (52%).

Meanwhile, over a third of adults consider themselves environmentally-conscious (37%) and personally responsible for taking care of the environment (35%).

In addition, 34% say they encourage others to be more environmentally-friendly.

These are some of the results of The Harris Poll of 2,319 U.S. adults aged 18+ and 512 teens aged 13-17 surveyed online between January 24 and February 03, 2017.

When it comes to specific eco-friendly labels, Americans are much less likely to relate. Only a quarter of adults would label themselves a conservationist (25%), "green" (23%), or an environmentalist (21%).

However, young adults aged 18-34 are more likely than their older counterparts to consider themselves…

- A conservationist (33% 18-34 vs. 21% adults aged 35+);

- "Green" (33% vs. 19%, respectively); and/or,

- An environmentalist (31% vs. 16%, respectively).

Compared to previous years, roughly the same proportion of adults are concerned about the planet we are leaving behind for future generations. Meanwhile, increasing numbers of adults (though still only a minority of all adults) now say they care a great deal, feel personally responsible, and encourage others to be more environmentally-friendly.

American teenagers aged 13-17 are equally as likely as older generations to be concerned for our planet (41% teens, 45% adults) and environment (40% teens, 42% adults).

And while they are also equally likely to feel a personal responsibility for taking care of the environment (32% teens, 35% adults), they are less likely than their elders to be proactive about making change to improve the world around them.

Just under a third of teens (32%) consider themselves environmentally-conscious, while less than three in ten (29%) encourage others to be more environmentally-friendly; both of these show a marked 5 percentage point drop from where adults find themselves (37% and 34%, respectively). â– 

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