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Mystery shipwreck discovered off Western Australia

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Maritime archaeology experts at the Western Australian Museum are investigating a mysterious shipwreck on Tuesday, that was inadvertently discovered by a research vessel.

While mapping the ocean floor off the state's north, the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) ship, the Solander, detected a mysterious unknown structure on its sonar system.

"The ship's captain noticed the unusual formation on the echosounder while we were travelling between sites," AIMS marine acoustics researcher Miles Parsons explained to local media.

"We came back to take a closer look and were able to map it in incredible detail using enhanced multibeam survey technology on board and It was pretty clear this was not a natural formation."

With a lot of excitement among the crew as the object came into focus on the Solander's monitoring screens, the crew then deployed an underwater towed camera to confirm the structure was shipwreck.

According to Parsons, the ghostly ship is 37 metres long and around 7 metres wide, sitting 60 metres below the surface of the water.

At this stage the location of the of the site has not been divulged to the public, however GPS coordinates of the sonar scans have been sent to investigators at the Western Australian Museum who are trying to solve the mystery.

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